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              .fe,. ill. in ii f i hbsuk . t 1. 1m1 i, admit ce wkat ho papm. cuke .10 4l4 tfcew -who fiat an x on the paper, are imontec ma uteir sabsoription expires, with next number. g.'j0t'oa our; first page will be (sited a letter from hon. john w. noel, representative of this district ia congress. it is well , werth perusal, as there food ffif&wa yjc'f rcnecuvo uiinu uie ita rrf"j5iy y o ' ior diow-up anynow, cannot appreciate it, but they can go home aad stay until wanted. iale is, " old men council, young enruen flin lintif nnrl wkan 4nt aaen call upon them, their duty turn out, then, had belter wait for wagon. greenhorns should careful, pen--alty treason cleath. sj3y those our friends who -are interested earthly welfare, informed that we still 2 prisoner, not having been out yard since came jefferson. intend, however, -a few days, to slmvldw cralcli, tnj thow bow fillda arc won' anticipate being marching order by time. sjjjtthe cairo and fulton railroad doing good business, under its new regime ; if.tlie state let alone, will. yet flourish like green bay tree. success say .only southern road state. "it said, attempt -4o sell road- wijl made. anay, carry. many tilings equally ttascally have carried through missouri legislatures; may enough remind other roads, bridges all wood. word wise js sufficient. preparlne;for war. neighbors mud-walled city cairo, fear us border ruffians, or somebody else, before eyes, organized mili -tan' company, laws illinois, called guards," purpose "guarding cairo." s. taylor, mayor city, was elected captain; who, judge haynie, marshal corcoran, proceeded springfield 40 obtain quota arms. astonishment, mr. abo-lishun governor yates refused them what were enti tied law, alleging people egypt, par ticular, too feelings his placing -mreapons their" hands. return, coun il voted thousand dollars me guards, instead belonging she juinou militia, now act heir own hook. capl taylor told were.'lwo men, could lie ready twenty-four hours' no tice, march if persisted saying would fight south, dick visit he apt receive invitation missouri, kclens voleks, while here, present cravat abolition ists' hemp ropes, black jacks, wonderful affinity stale. vfceceh ka standi ourwitmw, judge, h3iovhatchr, g. mdtaiwfi efftlidates. 'f'ttfjmft electf ad three goed rnen-r-strong union, south bare fair show; strong against cast understand colonel a. hunter also a" candidate probable, others think themselves qualified, ride whirlwind direct storm." so, chance, hereafter, government changes, such things elections, monarch appoint, one-horse politicians .have chance background, where belong. trust sense keep convention wanted perhaps take hint, run. nothing any import ance kansas bill has passed, which make her state, unless buck vetoes it. steamship brooklyn left two .companies artillery sealed orders destination supposed pensacola. at washington peace, indeed see little, everything looksgloomy. crittenden resolutions down again again. proposition win, accept? comes war woe wives 'daughters land beauty incentive crime, plunder pay brown raids. let, citizens prepared worst, come. legislature. importance done yet, except spending "money. joint resolution introduced send commissioners meet virginia, states', 4th -february. com mittee named waldo p. jonx-son, -a. donipiiak, d. coalter, h. buckxer, harrison hough. do know fate ticket, almost certain respond ac tion-of virginia matter. local bills up great num bers, none mo ment, cuts offi cers tlieir pay; these popular fellows can't debts j5?" friend, leroy kcesee, thanks late pa pers. also, trusten polk, white, documents. j. noell abundance docu merts sent begin only duty, therefore orphulc mad neglected us. thank him anyhow. qsgr brother hull, bloomfield herald," here wednesday, en route st. louis, more stock. way because saves days' time, some dollars. finish ten mites further, sloddardite cape girardeau. rara avis (jjgtjudge shelby lady returned orleans. says secession, firm t. mc-ginnis '& co. northern corn highest market price, remit proceeds promptly. tkc amhtf s ef die courtesy col?ilom- ley, auditor, pamfe?ateoufiti ire hare received ooftyvf hit report tholegislatare. auhougkmr.-momuy hss bat months office, "his compare favorably thoao predecessors. fiscal year begins october each year. tbo amount treasury ending 1, 1859 $1,897,894 04 1860 2,057,884 increase about, 50 per cent., one-half over tho preceding actual wealth increased proportion much doubt, owing change assess ore 1860, probably valued property higher than predecessors 1859. addition ordinary revenue, received, during years, fiora general government, $19,227 21 expenses incurred 1837, account osage war; nnd sold $400,000 sttte bonds, sum $882,238. sums, together balance octo ber 1838, $54,264 24, whole income yeats. expenditures put follows : expense $1,191,042 60 school purposes 397,759 70 library 1,000 00 wolf scalps 5,594 c8 81,595,390 98 leaving balanco oct. i860, 8020,719 87, has, used payine interests de faulting railroads. details cx penses, sl"0,196 ! assembly; 837,254 printing sending inns (raost private acts) people, 8113,114 07 contingent!! tbc assembly, includes wood, whiskey, gold pens, stationery, red tape oysters paying man bingham most miserable daubs ou canvas, little gal specimen needle-work, worth dollar premium making enormous thrte hundred twenty thousand, five sixty- four legislating years law contemplates session sixty days once years. verily, stand things, must taxes. ltie ot tnc militia 804.90, paid mili-1 tary ossifers 988 75, though tbey did, killed, profound untold, unknown. sih fitting governor's house, sort odd affair brick wood intermixed, long invention achitecture. 83,820 "were pictures jefferson, aoi 82,000 help purchase mount vernon. spent winter u couple pictures, said portraits, spend people's earnings helping buy gene ral jackson's farm, bis heirs wish speculate, washington, bones ancestors. 'iuc winch got york, iu quantity, forty piece, dead loss becauso cct decent ones, half dozen wacks figgers start very respectable cent show, second edition artemas ward. volume might written regard money wasted, probable bitter expose causo authors bo treated cravat, made mis souri product, low muttcrings tax-payers ure beginning heard audibly. col. moscly "i deemed advisable, view la mentable condition national affairs, so dark uncertain fu ture us, bate my estimates data fur .if am jastifiad estimating of: revenue i860 yean ukcmm.v xn iuii ioidk jar. oimeiej n rigin. future dirk uncertain, union splits, tail cotton kingdom, stuck in'the midst free territory, be, surrounded sides, iowa, kansas, arkansas, become force circumstances, bayonets attached demolition slave materially decrease revenue. expenses, evident tdev increased. hope honor legislature cost tenth part last one did. wo havo honest compliment never gang in' crease. frost's foot-race after montgomery although quintes sence folly, something worse for. coming. day, mileage, a, list contingent pocket knives, &c. another large arm placo footing thing done, secede; shall then outpost enemies country. raids provide for, contingencies foreseen, going already heavy taxation. this, moseley recommends fund stopped thinks1 without detriment cause education state." too, 'more use counties here. did 6ense sheriff seven cent, collect carry superintendent divide tor bringing back again, when just into county once. purpose, ns amounts eighty cents scholar, little. better week's schooling. thai criminal costs, taking prisoners penitentiary, counties. costs 8125,784 considerable item pay. aro reasons why -the? enforced courts. matters themselves, prosccuto man, loose, choose taxed mat ter, foot bill. average double taxes, grievous enough. 'we wrong matter too. poll tax dollar. move, auditor largely mistaken, 890,000. suppose about assessed tax, two-thirds taxes these, least five-sixths delinquent every year, statoand uounty aoout twenty-nvo piece. tbem assessed, names tax-book, took off settlement sheriff. noth ing support uctually always noieest election, interest get (usually worst qualified lot) terest stake velfsre niihtd 'ton two, thinking country, nn wishes ltf. v pay, mt weddls does to. words, ono voto hts alio taxing salaries. right, $1,500 hough, o. moore, cashier bank, horses mules farmer, notes people. collected gether, divided railroad, lunatic asylum funds. save clerks, sheriffs, hard labor- money, courts settle timo now, several levied tax. neighboring scott one, nover changed, rec ommend kept books future. tbat we. among reckons $911,051 debt 1st july. leave bound fail pitying soon, stop july, january anyhow, dissolves must, dont, opinion. heretofore selling bonds $382,238. due june, principal $412,000. run way. says, morrison fifty dollar, went banks money. furnished suspend specio payments. coming (luring january, reinstate julv oft-talked bug-bear repudiation mini complexioo .mutt romo ian" 8911,051, gold, do. come peoplo $950,000 six months, nonsense, sooner better. cel. november january. wrong, collector tell him. example ana tmnk ere prosperous crops mar kct early, christmas early returns circulato county. mills anything september, october, deputies, day third monday december less one-tourtu collected. couit give time adjourned weeks, janua ry larger till march, list, runs towards fivo hun dred december, bad nino dol lars, bank shows. mills' revenuo 12th 8500 more, one-fourteenth impor tancc sheriff's p.1 ever score find au ditor's book examine auouot opo-tenth qt mftd by. rvlg tk col- lectors mirchiand beat leh trlbled settlement, forcod november. suit the! sat in. tbis'aiatfer sufficient tare action the' wont proof? collector, clerk, so. multiplicity scattered statutes, extending collectors, proves' right doubt himself, notwithstand-1 want sooner, confirm statement. statement taken, land, subsequently sale. reviewed somewhat fully-8 hastily mr- moseley'a- report, oar south-east swamp boys whom undao preference permitted' say,' best seen office fifteen thoso don't believe reports wilt, speak themselves. g.. neighbor. arcadia prospect, 'speaking unionnf democracy jefferson douglas brcckinridgo wings effected completo fusion, both occupy precisely position breckinridge party held platform based on, ern rights." ihis first. regular nominee, uc rejoiced givo hearty not, considered advocate claims, turas conscientiously could, doucl.is. differences lam aside, resume tormer standpoint, following doug- asism iilack kepuulieaii ranks ;we ardently doctrines isreckinrmgc party." glad faber quit chute. he, others. misled followed th siiunt- tcr sovereign north, wu aru gratified end prosoect courier, rights tht rights, union. ironlon furnace issued twico week. valley 1 paradise newspapers, papers adjoiniug journal frcdcricktown argus, farmington plaindealer, ste. genevieve miner, potosi herald, soto louis noon puh- licition. tley r.ow l.t- tlo village, big charleston, baptist journal, weekly; furnace, semi-weekly; weekly, issuo paper daily. abundant means uf information, guarantee uro uo ings couutry. "the l. m. nichols, editor, grcct-r. :t iiiq iiuiu a.-uiuilmgvuu, lit. atuiiuuis county, mo. neatly gotten-up sheet, sizo courier. welcome omonz neighbors. girardeau democrat turns predicted. neale, whilo douglas, sticks close sido missouri. leader thero lovo between articlo convention, alternative scccdo und slavo states." same difficulty cxperienco somo times. difficult ohriekcrs call, freo states ': mean fact, hero olways croaking sentiments," fmht union," tight for;" movo river, fi"ht yutes, messago illinois legislature, rceommonds whipping south'. fine opening nigger thieves               
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Charleston courier (Charleston, Mo.), 1861-02-01

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